TV Commercial

Nichts bewegt mehr als die Wirklichkeit – Romanzen und Stunts

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The point made by this TV commercial is how the daily news – when seen in clips and from an alternate perspective – is more exciting than any Hollywood movie. To rouse interest in the news on the part of viewers outside the core target group, specific examples from recent new items have been taken out of context and presented in a way that more closely resembles staged plots. The international players are presented like actors in a movie, as if they were following a script.

  • Client:
    n-tv Nachrichtenfernsehen GmbH, Cologne
  • Design:
    Euro RSCG Düsseldorf
  • creative direction:
    Felix Glauner, Martin Breuer, Martin Venn
  • art direction:
    Ingmar Krannich, Melanie Doms
  • text:
    Christian Kroll, Sigi Zwar
  • customer advisory service:
    Harald Jäger, Sandra Lopez-Real
  • film production:
    VCC GmbH Agency for Postproduction
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