NICO – Confessions: Eroticism in Media

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NICO dares an intimate look at the world of erotica in contemporary magazines. “Confessions: Eroticism in Media” features ten conversations with magazine makers, revealing their creative processes. In addition, the magazine presents the erotic work of ten creatives in photography and illustration. The art direction is clear and structured, while the reduced layout grants flexibility and space to the design identities of the presented magazines. The stencil headline-font runs as a key visual element through the magazine, lending it a simple yet effective signature. The readability of the erotic quotes of the magazine makers is compromised by the font style and evokes, just as in eroticism, a game of discovery.

  • Client:
    Maison Moderne Publishing, Luxembourg
  • Design:
    Maison Moderne Design, Luxembourg
  • concept:
    Mike Koedinger
  • art direction:
    Angelina A. Rafii