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Night View Assist

Night View Assist | Red Dot Design Award

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The Mercedes-Benz Night View Assist spots pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles at a distance of up to 80 metres, way before the human eye can perceive them. An image with highlighted obstacles is displayed on the dashboard and warns drivers well in advance, thus making driving at night or dawn significantly safer. The print and large-scale poster campaign aims to convey the achievements of this modern safety system. It shows the very blurred vision of a street that drivers face at night or in heavy rain, but with a difference. Upon taking a closer look, the system already sees what escapes the human eye: a bike, a child or a deer are indicated as words formed by blurred light spots. The strength of the Night View Assist, which spots the danger way before the driver does, thus becomes immediately clear. Statement by the jury »The campaign illustrates the safety provided by the Night View Assist from the driver’s perspective and, with the blurred images, points out the dangers that might lurk in front of a car in a highly illustrative way. The safety system has already reacted, while the driver still feels uneasy. The message is thus visualised excellently.«

  • Client:
    Mercedes-Benz Česká republika s.r.o., Prague
  • Design:
    BBDO Proximity Berlin GmbH
  • head of marketing:
    Daniel Haschtmann
  • creative direction:
    David Missing
  • art direction:
    Jan van Endert
Night View Assist | Red Dot Design Award
Night View Assist | Red Dot Design Award
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