Nike – Catch the Flash

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Catch the Flash is a game based on the idea of “making the invisible visible”. Fifty runners raced through the night-time streets of Vienna as “Flashrunners”, thereby communicating the qualities of the new Nike Vapor Flash Jackets they were wearing. Chased through the streets, in real life, by inhabitants whose aim was to photograph them, the flashing of the cameras made the number on the runners’ backs visible. At the same time, the event details could be followed virtually on a microsite, because the 50 runners transmitted their GPS data with an app in real time to the Catch the Flash online game.

  • Client:
    Nike Gesellschaft m.b.H., Vienna
  • Design:
    Jung von Matt/Neckar GmbH, Stuttgart
  • head of marketing:
    Oliver Eckart, Andreas Roitner
  • head of advertising:
    Matías Müller
  • creative direction:
    Christoph Kock, Alexa Petruch
  • art direction:
    Gün Aydemir, Matthias Hess
  • graphic design:
    Manuel Colloseus, Björn Hansen, Denise Winter
  • text:
    Mat Neidhardt
  • project management:
    Nils Doehring
  • photography: