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NIVEA Design Language | Red Dot Design Award

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The new design language of NIVEA consistently translates the brand values of superior care, quality and trust. The history of the brand and the original NIVEA tin with its clear design served as a source of inspiration which, due to the numerous design elements, have been transferred into a modern, unique expression. Using character-istics of the original tin such as the circle around the NIVEA lettering allows for the products to be in all categories immediately recognisable. The new design language bridges the huge complexity in packaging design of 11 categories, the sub-brand NIVEA MEN, 1,600 products and 13,000 country adaptations. While being introduced into the market step-by-step in order to take the consumer on a journey, the NIVEA Body bottle design already features a new 3D shape, the new logo and a transitional design for 2D graphical elements. In addition, the rethinking of the whole brand design also considered sustainable production processes and thus managed to reduce the packaging by up to 15 per cent, saving more than 350 tonnes of plastic per year. Statement by the jury »The redesign of the brand identity of NIVEA convinces with clarity in typography and form on the one hand and the maintaining of the original brand values on the other. Both the round lid and the round logo are inspired by the aesthetics of the traditional NIVEA crème tin, lending the brand with its plain colours of blue and white a strong visual impact.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Beiersdorf AG, Design Management, Hamburg
  • Design:
    fuseproject, San Francisco