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Nord Stream – The Arrival

Nord Stream – The Arrival | Red Dot Design Award

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In November 2011, the completion of the longest European offshore gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea was celebrated with an opening event. In order to turn the invisible product natural gas into a visible and tangible experience, the structure of the CH4 molecule was chosen as the key visual throughout the entire presentation of the event. Much larger and translated into three-dimensional space, the architecture reflected this communicative core idea with five connected geodetic dome tents, a landmark that catched the eye even from far away. The biggest of these tents, a 500-square-metre dome tent, contained an elaborately produced 360-degree projection which guided the high-ranking audience from politics and economics through the engineering and logistical achievements of this European project, turning the creation of the pipeline into a spectacular and emotional three-dimensional experience. Statement by the jury »The idea, to not only visualise the topic of natural gas on the basis of its molecular structure, but also to let the audience experience it in film and architecture, is excellent and was applied just so. The staging impresses with a consistent concept and communication strategy that allows visitors an immediate and lasting experience of the topic.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Nord Stream AG, Zug
  • Design:
    Triad Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH, Berlin
  • creative direction:
    Harald Lipken
  • head of finance:
    Dr. Stefan Kleßmann
  • head of strategic communication:
    Prof. Lutz Engelke
  • project management:
    Nora Penadés, Stef Detering
  • film production:
    Alexander Bartneck
  • media/technical engineering:
    Sebastian Regenauer
Nord Stream – The Arrival | Red Dot Design Award
Nord Stream – The Arrival | Red Dot Design Award