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The business magazine Nord & Süd was born out of the needs of South Tyrol’s location development agency BLS. In order to call attention to the multifarious local economy, it compiles features by authors, journalists, photographers and artists from the region. The economic situation is thus portrayed in relation to a larger whole through high-quality journalism. The magazine is published annually and builds on a basic graphic grid allowing the visual appearance of each edition to evolve in terms of typography, imagery and colours.

  • Director:
    Ulrich Stofner
  • Editor-in-Chief:
    Michaela Namuth (2014)
  • Head of Marketing:
    Birgit Mayr
  • Design/Art Direction:
    CH Studio, Vienna Lupo & Burtscher, Bozen
  • Content Design:
    Angelika Burtscher, Thomas Hanifle, Christian Hoffelner, Thomas Kager
  • Content Design/Editorial Work:
    Ex Libris, Bozen
  • Client/Publisher:
    Business Location Südtirol Alto Adige AG, Bozen