Nordstadt kocht

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The northern district of Dortmund is not usually regarded as a culinary capital. Even so, it is a district that thrives on young cuisine featuring diverse ethnic influences. This restaurant guide is a recipe book and an affectionate study of a unique location all rolled into one. Thirty or so culinary snapshots portray some of the district’s unique personalities, revealing personal preferences and cultural backgrounds. The book shows inhabitants of Nordstadt in their own four walls and introduces restaurant owners and proprietors amidst the atmosphere of cafés, bistros, pubs and bars.

  • Client:
    Stephan Schwabe Photography, Dortmund
  • Concept / Photography:
    Stephan Schwabe
  • Design:
    JAC-Gestaltung, Dortmund
  • Text:
    Anne Weibert, Dortmund
  • Illustration:
    Boris Bromberg, Münster
  • Publisher:
    Kettler Verlag, Dortmund
  • Printing:
    Kettler Druckerei, Bönen