Notting Hill Editions

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The London publisher Notting Hill Editions aims to revive the literary genre of the essay with this high-grade gift box. Providing an inspiring and appealing spectrum of topics, it presents a selection of authors from a wide range of disciplines and eras. The books, featuring a cloth binding and a classic typography, were manufactured in Germany, underlining the publisher’s high demands on design and production. In addition to the book design, an entire visual identity, website and further communication materials were developed for the publishing house.

  • Client:
    Notting Hill Editions Ltd, London
  • Design:
    Flok Design Communication GmbH, Berlin
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Garvin Hirt
  • graphic design:
    Garvin Hirt, Matthias Richter, Marie Wocher
  • project management:
    Garvin Hirt, Fiona Buckland, Jess Lawrence
  • typesetting:
    Garvin Hirt, Matthias Richter; CB Editions, London
  • printing:
    Memminger MedienCentrum