Red Dot Design Award
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NTR Idents

NTR Idents | Red Dot Design Award

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NTR is the independent Dutch broadcaster specialising in information, education and culture. Its identity is expressed in its logo: three letters followed by the two dots of the colon. These dots play the main role in campaigns, branding and corporate identity. The logo is usually accompanied by the slogan “special, for everyone”. In August 2013 six fresh new clips were introduced as part of the station identity in which different characters interact with the two dots.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    NTR Marketing & Communication, Hilversum
  • Design:
    Gastproducties, Hilversum
  • Concept/Film Direction:
    René Gast
  • Motion Design:
    Thijs Dikshoorn
  • Camera:
    Goof de Koning
  • Art Department:
    Sally Dyer, Trudy Buren
  • 3D Animation:
    Happy Ship
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Kuitenbrouwer & Henselmans
NTR Idents | Red Dot Design Award