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The new io 3d app for Occhio gives a comprehensive presentation of the outstanding innovative range of lamps and lights that offer an exciting light experience owing to their three-dimensional adaptability, the latest LED technology and fascinating design solution details. As well as providing professional advice and convincing and time saving on-the-spot presentations, it also renders an aesthetic experience that inspires and entices both business partners and customers all over the world. With its highly purist and elegant appearance, the app presents the latest highlights by manufacturer Occhio and convinces with its clear design idiom, high-quality product pictures and intuitive user guidance. Vertical and horizontal navigation guides users through the entire product range, allowing them to choose playfully between an exhaustive information level and an inspiring configuration level, and thus to conceive new lighting both freely and with individually specified style options. Statement by the jury »The app for the io 3d range of lamps is special in that it features a clear and minimalist design elegance that highlights the product centre in all its facets and style options. It is complemented by an equally clear typography and easy-to-use, self-explanatory user guidance.«

  • Client:
    Occhio GmbH, Munich
  • Design:
    Martin et Karczinski, Munich
  • creative direction:
    Peter Martin
  • art direction:
    Simon Maier-Rahmer
  • concept:
    Christian Begusch