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OCOCO new fashion brand identity

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To break through into Korea’s online market, the OCOCO brand needed to go beyond the design of clothing. Accordingly, a design approach that communicated a distinctive, contemporary brand identity was mandated and a seamless visual and verbal powerhouse brand identity developed. Using the tagline, “Updated Basic”, the simple design concept imbued classic items of clothing with an invigorated, contemporary flair. The brand name is presented in an eye-catching, black-and-white typographic design style. The impact of the symmetrical layout of the brand’s five-letter name was enhanced by a quintuple repetition. The result was a square-d logo which could be positioned with utmost flexibility across all advertising materials, and a visual identity that consistently reflected OCOCO’s brand positioning.

  • Client:
    CJ O Shopping Co., Ltd.
  • Design:
    Firefly Branding
  • creative direction:
    Jiwon Shin
  • strategic planning:
    Rudy Lee
  • art direction:
    Elisabetta Minischetti
  • graphic design:
    Marie Vesela
  • photography:
    Jaroslav Kviz