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Oddjob – Live in Bremen

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The cover design of the album “Live in Bremen” by the Swedish jazz band Oddjob was inspired by musical improvisation. The graphic-oriented artwork functions as an expression of jazz improvisation, in allusion to the band’s logo. The letters of the band name resemble a sequence of notes, floating into each other and apart again. This creates a rhythmical picture with a three-dimensional effect. The gradients indicate the spatial sound of sophisticated concert recordings. The black-and-white contrast is complemented by subtle grey shading to foster visual unity.

  • Client:
    Headspin Recordings, Stockholm
  • Design:
    Gabor Palotai Design, Stockholm
  • Art Direction:
    Gabor Palotai
  • Graphic Design:
    Gabor Palotai, David Wickström, Fernanda Torre