Red Dot Design Award


Π#6 | Red Dot Design Award

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Œ is an independent fashion magazine, which presents the work of young professionals from the German fashion scene. Each issue has a motto; that of issue No. 6 is “Master of My Universe”. This motto is reflected in the fashion editorials as well as the foil-embossed illustrations that run throughout the magazine and are also visible in the binding. According to the photo’s atmosphere, each spread has a different layout and matching paper stocks are chosen, from rough to coated. Thus, the magazine – just as fashion itself – becomes a visual and haptic experience.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Studio Maven, Berlin
  • Art Direction:
    Lisa Borges
  • Concept:
    Lucie Schibel
  • Publisher:
    Arne Eberle, Arne Eberle Press + Sales, Berlin
  • Fashion Direction:
    Sebastiano Ragusa, Berlin
  • Printing:
    Steffen Lang, Buch- und Offsetdruckerei Heenemann, Berlin
  • Paper Cooperation:
    Christoph Goemann, Geese Papier, Henstedt-Ulzburg
Π#6 | Red Dot Design Award