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Offroad | Red Dot Design Award

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Visualising weakness in a humorous way, this TV spot emphasises the advantages of the smart fortwo as a car that was made for the city. First, the smart fortwo is challenged by desert-like terrain and fails miserably. But the next scene shows it in a city, where it effortlessly drives into a tiny parking space. The sound design underscores the bold manoeuvres through the dramatic rise and fall of powerful music. This tension-building acoustic atmosphere is intensified by individual sounds, such as the rippling of water.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Daimler AG, Böblingen
  • Design:
    BBDO Proximity Berlin GmbH
  • creative managing director:
    Jan Harbeck, David Mously
  • creative direction:
    David Mously, Ton Hollander, Jens Ringena
  • art direction:
    Daniel Schweinzer
  • text:
    Lukas Liske, Momme Clausen
  • account management:
    Dirk Spakowski, Sebastian Schlosser, Jan Hendrik Oelckers, Joris Jonker, Mia Lücker
  • film production:
    Bigfish Filmproduktion GmbH
  • film direction:
    Daniel Warwick
  • music/sound design:
    Eardrum Music & Sound Design
Offroad | Red Dot Design Award
Offroad | Red Dot Design Award
Offroad | Red Dot Design Award
Offroad | Red Dot Design Award
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