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Old Hands

Old Hands | Red Dot Design Award

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This wine named Old Hands is dedicated to the pioneers of the biological viniculture of Bodegas La Purisima. The challenge was to create a label design that conveys exactly this homage to the efforts of the vintners. Thus, two illustrations of the vineyards and fields were created, where the palm of an old hand can be discerned only at second glance. Just like plowed furrows in the soil, hands are a testimony of time which is carved line by line, each line a story. The gold details on the label reflect the high quality of the product and the appreciation of nature.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Ruska, Martín, Associates GmbH, Berlin
  • Illustration:
    Joao Colaco, Jacobo Labella
  • Creative Direction/Art Direction:
    Francisca Martín, Roman Ruska
  • Graphic Design:
    Roman Ruska, Joao Colaco, Laurie Millotte
  • Client:
    Bodegas La Púrisima, Yecla, Murcia