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The core element of the Olympus sound identity is the sound logo, which provides a synergetic effect by creating cross-modal interaction between acoustic and visual communications. The three syllables of “O-lym-pus” are thus reflected in the rhythmic three-tone structure of the sound logo. Additional sound elements are implemented in touchpoints, such as TV spots, exhibitions, online presence, telephone and events, as well as in the products themselves. So, when switching on an Olympus product for instance, users are greeted by the sound logo to enhance instant brand recognition.

  • Client:
    Olympus Europa Holding GmbH, Hamburg
  • Design:
    GROVES Sound Branding GmbH, Hamburg
  • head of marketing:
    Heino Hilbig
  • creative direction:
    Satoru Tanio
  • head of sound branding:
    John Groves
  • project management:
    Christoph Groß-Fengels
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