On Stage – The New Stage Photography

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On Stage is a bilingual pictorial volume with photographs that convey the passion, ambience and energy of live performances, and allow the viewer to take part in the special atmosphere of such concerts. A key element in the design approach is the colourful light of the lightshows, which shines through the photography on the design itself, giving every page a unique character. The imagery is accompanied by text fragments based on the experience of, among others, stage photographers and musicians.

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • University:
    HfG Offenbach, University of Art and Design, Offenbach/Main
  • Supervising Professor:
    K. Hesse
  • Initiator/Artistic Director of Photography:
    C. Mitscher
  • Design:
    Institute for New Communication, Offenbach/Main
  • Art Direction:
    Y. Matveev, N. Brückmann
  • Photography:
    T. Aechtner, F. Albrecht-Schoeck, J. Bächle, S. Bereiter, C. Böhler, V. Bohn, C. Brau Alvarado, P. Breitenbach, L. Brichta, T. Büchner, J. Chung, U. Daun, D. Dresel, V. Eisenmann, R. Fehrekampf, M. Flügel, L. Fosco, D. Gonter, M. Graetzer, C. von Harbou, S. Igel, L. Kaross, R. Klußmann, N. Kockel, F. Kosok, M. Krause, M. Kreitl, F. Kronmüller, M. Kuhn, M. Lawetzky, J. Lenzgeiger, C. Mitscher, N. Mohr, M. Neunobel, E. Osmann, J. Osmann, R. Pruss, N. Ritter, O. Rossol, M. Sänger, S. Satan, R. Schittko, K. Stößer, K.-H. Sun, A. Toussaint, R. Weissbeck, H. Wilsmann
  • Graphic Design:
    L. Hartmann