Red Dot Design Award

On Time-Timing Pillcup

On Time-Timing Pillcup | Red Dot Design Award

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When patients are on the go, it is easy to lose track of their medication schedule. Sometimes, it is even cumbersome for patients to carry along a pillbox and a drinking cup or bottle. On Time – Timing Pillcup combines the functions of a pillbox, a bottle and a reminder alarm. It easily solves the problems above and patients only need to rely on this this “timing pillcup” to take their medicine in a timely manner. To use, simply rotate the timer mechanism in the bottle cap to set the next dosage time. The countdown then starts and the patients can go about their own business until the alarm goes off as a signal to take the medicine from the pillbox – also stored in the bottle cap.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Yang Jiong, Liao Dan, China