Red Dot Design Award

Once Upon a Time the Typographer

Once Upon a Time the Typographer | Red Dot Design Award

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What is typography? The book “Once Upon a Time the Typographer” explores this question. In 12 famous fairy tales, typographical topics such as line spacing and font size are illustrated and explained in a playful manner. The book provides an entertaining and informative introduction to typography for future students of design. It presents the topic suitable for children, so that even younger readers can get a first impression of the world of fonts and letters.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    RISD, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence supervising professor Prof. Krzysztof Lenk
  • Design:
    that’s design studio, Incheon
  • creative direction:
    Prof. Krzysztof Lenk
  • art direction:
    Kwangyong Lee
  • graphic design/photography:
    Kwangyong Lee
  • text:
    Jacob Grimm
  • project management:
    Kwangyong Lee