Human Machine Interface


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With its clear design, this touch-based human machine interface for packaging machines is a man-machine interface for 12 technologies, 36 machine types and 3 monitor sizes. With a focus on intuitive operability, the user is given a comprehensive overview of the various functional, easily accessible units. Also fostering clarity is the illustration of the machine-module functions as pictograms along with the linear display of the machines. The interface can be utilised individually via widgets.

  • Client:
    OYSTAR Holding GmbH, Stutensee/Karlsruhe
  • Design:
    TRIEBWERK, Karlstadt [home] designbüro rudolph, Kist [home] CaderaDesign, Würzburg [home]
  • concept:
    Markus Buberl, TRIEBWERK; Christian Rudolph, designbüro rudolph; Tom Cadera, CaderaDesign <br>[<a href="" target="_blank">home</a>]
  • graphic design:
    Markus Buberl, TRIEBWERK; Christian Rudolph, designbüro rudolph; Florian Fuchs, CaderaDesign
  • project management:
    Stefan Röder, Achim Schreck, GTI control <br>[<a href="" target="_blank">home</a>]
  • programming:
    GTI control, Marktheidenfeld