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One Minute Wonder

One Minute Wonder | Red Dot Design Award

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One Minute Wonder is a microsite featuring a remarkable series of video portraits. The initial idea of this site was to provide amazing people from different fields: artists, entrepreneurs and designers with the opportunity to introduce themselves beyond their work and tell their individual story within 60 seconds. It’s an ever-growing, non-profit series of video portraits which feature inspirational people in their own surroundings, offering insights into their personalities and visions. This microsite, which forms a cluster of all these stories and is part of a movement that uses modern technologies to convey information in a time frame even the busiest people are able to digest, and precious stories provide a motivational inspiration “to reach further”.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Present Plus
  • Design:
    Present Plus
  • Strategy:
    Nalden, Damian Bradfield
  • Head of Design:
    Thijs Remie
  • Film Production:
    Tjalling Valdés Olmos
  • Film Direction:
    Joppe Rog
  • Camera:
    Joppe Rog, Roby Kiki_
  • Film Editing:
    Joppe Rog, Roby Kiki_, Jessica Beckett
  • Web Design:
    Giel Cobben
  • Technical Direction:
    Jeroen van Doorn
  • Technical Realisation:
    Pieter de Jong
One Minute Wonder | Red Dot Design Award