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Oneglass is an original solution for the packaging of wine. Instead of heavy, breakable glass, this wine package is made of a flexible material, which was exclusively produced using environmentally compatible, recyclable components, and possesses one main characteristic: its filling quantity of 100 ml amounts to exactly one glass of wine. This convenient design offers the possibility of enjoying a glass of wine almost anywhere and at any time – be it at home, in the park, when camping or on a plane – without having to open an entire bottle, as the fine selection of white and red wines is delivered in a specifically developed practical and easy-to-open single-serve pack. The refined design of the packaging features a black background that merges harmoniously with the typography and graphic elements to underline the high quality of the product, which is available in the four types, Vermentino, Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon. A special foil coating was used to preserve all organoleptic and gustatory characteristics of the wines. Statement by the jury »The idea of offering wine in single-serve packs is brilliant. Both the design of the conveniently sized and environmentally friendly packaging as well as the excellent graphic design is convincing. Following a new approach, they make having a glass of wine a new pleasure to experience.«
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