Red Dot Design Award
City Light Poster, Billboard

Open Happiness

Open Happiness | Red Dot Design Award

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of the brand’s logo – to the lasting effect that the message not only comes to life immediately for beholders, it is also clear immediately who is behind the message without having to analyse it. Since the logo of this traditional beverage brand is deeply rooted in the visual memory of people around the globe, it was possible to dispense with words to convey the message and content of the poster. Basically a simple solution yet one with a highly distinctive appearance, the smiley face formed out of the well-known rounded letters of the logo is intended, for this very reason, to evoke cheerfulness and joy. Statement by the jury »This poster is an absolute eye-catcher; it works well both in small and large formats. Making utmost use of the medium as such, the way it conveys its message is ideal as it is immediately clear to beholders. In addition, the poster is attractive, simple and well designed.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Coca-Cola GmbH
  • Design:
    McCann Berlin
  • head of marketing:
    Michael Willeke
  • creative direction:
    Erik Gonan
  • art direction:
    Lisa Marie Schröder
  • graphic design:
    Tilo Endert