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Oschadbank | Red Dot Design Award

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Oschadbank is the Ukrainian State Savings Bank, employing 35,000 staff and providing 100 per cent stateinsured savings. The bank implemented cutting-edge technologies and opened innovative branches, which made a rebranding necessary. The repositioning of the brand is based on the slogan “My bank. My country.” The visual identity was intentionally reduced to a word mark. In addition, the colour palette, ranging from bright yellow to traditional deep green, conveys a contemporary identity and is reminiscent of the Ukrainian national flag.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Strategic Vision:
    Andriy Fedoriv
  • Design:
    FEDORIV, Kyiv
  • Interactive Art Direction:
    Yuri Lence
  • Team Lead:
    Arkadij Pasechnik
  • Project Management:
    Olesya Motorna
  • Client:
    Oschadbank, State Savings Bank of Ukraine, Kyiv
  • Motion Design:
    Yura Homovsky
  • Design Concept:
    Vitaliy Parfilev
  • Screenwriting/Copywriting:
    Olya Paholok
Oschadbank | Red Dot Design Award