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otelo App

otelo App | Red Dot Design Award

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The smartphone app of the mobile network operator otelo ensures transparency and an improved cost control by displaying all-important information on two clear, comprehensible screens. On the first screen, users can see their status at a glance. With a simple swipe, they can check their rate options and change them directly in the app. Bills land straight in the e-mail inbox. Questions are answered by a contextual FAQ that follows the user. In addition, customers who want to cancel their contracts can do so within the app with just one click.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Art Direction:
    Fabian Orthen, Christoph Siebelt, Lizbeth Sanchez
  • Client:
    Vodafone GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Design:
    deepblue networks AG, Hamburg, Germany
  • Project Management:
    Jennifer Latz
  • Programming:
    hanseatics, Hamburg, Germany
  • Creative Direction:
    Burkhard Müller
otelo App | Red Dot Design Award
otelo App | Red Dot Design Award