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Our Office

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The Danish estate management company Nordea Ejendomme needed a visual identity for their new office community “Our Office”. The identity had to reflect Nordea’s corporate characteristics, but also to communicate community values such as co-working, togetherness and cross-industry collaboration in an interesting way. The creative process was inspired by the overall benefit of engaging in a community: the prospect of creating things together. The end result then became a visual identity created around the recurring round shapes found in the office decor, letting the OUR word become the centre of a dynamic and recognisable universe.

  • Art Direction:
    Mads Elmelund
  • Client:
    Nordea Ejendomme, Denmark
  • Design:
    Pravda A/S, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Project Management:
    Josephine Pulcher
  • Concept:
    Mads Elmelund, Mathias Alsbo Nielsen, Karim Frølund Jarrar
  • Copywriting:
    Mathias Alsbo Nielsen
  • Finished Artwork:
    John Søby Madsen