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OUTRACE | Red Dot Design Award

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The pop-up factory OUTRACE, an installation on Trafalgar Square during the London Design Festival 2010, allowed visitors there and the global web audience to take control of eight industrial robots on loan from Audi’s production line and to interact with them via this installation. Via users were able to write messages which were then transcribed by the robots, holding lamps in their mechanical hands, as large-scale light trace messages into the air in real time. Each light trace was simultaneously recorded through a system of long-exposure cameras, coded as video data and returned to the sender for viewing. This installation of almost surreal appearance thus not only offered visitors a glimpse into the production processes at Audi’s manufacturing facilities, but, by remov-ing technology from its everyday context and placing it onto a public square, also manifested a spectacular event for users from all over the world to partake in. Statement by the jury »The idea for this installation is absolutely fantastic and innovative. Not only is the ability for people all over the globe to interact with one another unique, but also the visual implementation, which is both the pop-up factory placed temporarily on Trafalgar Square and the three-dimensional light traces written into the air, is an outstanding solution in terms of concept and aesthetics.«

  • Client:
    AUDI AG, Ingolstadt
  • Design:
    Kram/Weisshaar AB, Stockholm
OUTRACE | Red Dot Design Award
OUTRACE | Red Dot Design Award
OUTRACE | Red Dot Design Award
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