Red Dot Design Award

P & T – Paper & Tea

P & T – Paper & Tea | Red Dot Design Award

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The product range of P & T comprises teas, accessories and stationery. An environmentally friendly packaging concept was developed with the aim of creating a uniform design for all products. Conceived as consumer packaging, the vacuum bags feature the colour of brown packing paper and are furnished with a simple typographic label. In addition, gift packaging that is made by folding paper offers seasonally changing illustrations. In this way, simple materials and colours meet discreet illustrations. The different oxidation states of the tea are reflected in the colour concept.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    P & T – Paper & Tea GmbH, Berlin
  • Design:
    Sonnenstaub – Büro für Gestaltung und Illustration, Berlin
  • art direction:
    Peter Großöhme, Sonja Marterner
  • graphic design:
    Peter Großöhme, Sonja Marterner, Isabell Zirbeck, Jana Heidenreich
P & T – Paper & Tea | Red Dot Design Award