Brand Identity

Paleet Department Store

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The Paleet Department Store in Oslo targets a fashion and lifestyle clientele that is quality conscious, demanding and curious. The brand identity created combines elegance with a rebellious streak as well as a certain absurdity with beauty and, with this duality, seeks to communicate a vibrant and warm, human personality. The logo is not just a signature but rather an active, versatile element. Its design is inspired by fashion magazine titles, which are often modified to respond to an annual fashion cycle that calls for variety.

  • Client:
    KLP Eiendom, Paleet Karl Johan ANS, Oslo
  • Design:
    Neue Design Studio, Oslo
  • Creative Direction:
    Lars Håvard Dahlstrøm
  • Art Direction:
    Nora Bremnæs
  • Consulting:
    Gørill Kvamme
  • Graphic Design:
    Henrik Wold Kraglund, Benjamin Stenmarck
  • Photography:
    Kristine Jakobsen, Oslo