Packaging Design

Pallet Unit for Large-Scale TV Panel Modules

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This pallet unit for bulk transportation is designed to accommodate large-scale TV panel modules. Based on cradle-to-cradle ideology, it is exclusively made from recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard in order to ensure minimal environmental impact. Weighing only 12.7 kg, a complex structure of double-walled cardboard material can safely transport 22 panel sets in one pallet unit package. The maximal load of this unit is 3,000 kg. Benefiting from low CO2 consumption in its production, the packaging is also cost-saving.

  • Client:
    AU Optronics Corporation, Hsinchu City
  • Design:
    AU Optronics Corporation, Hsinchu City
  • design team:
    Ting Chung Kuan, Chung Yu Mao, Tail-Ling Chan