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Panorama der Visionen

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The interactive environment for the Deutsche Telekom presented the perspectives for innovative solutions based on intelligent networks at the CeBIT 2011. The prominently placed “Panorama der Visionen” (Panorama of Visions) took place in a room made out of PrivaLITE glass. Depending on the scenario, the space was either opaque or transparent. The most innovative technologies were used to stage the visionary possibilities of innovation-driven topics, such as connected cars, integrated healthcare networks or intelligent energy systems. The show was based on custom-made real-time 3D motion- and gesture-tracking additionally enabling interactive visitor participation. All software was developed in-house by q~bus Mediatektur.

  • Client:
    Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn
  • Design:
    q~bus Mediatektur GmbH, Berlin
  • photography:
    q~bus Mediatektur GmbH, Berlin
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