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“Papilionis” celebrates the beauty of illustrated knowledge and presents over almost 200 pages selected pieces of information graphics, which the media agency has created for its clients in recent years. The title is thereby highly appropriate for a book on infographics: like the life of a butterfly, designing an infographic begins with a “feeding phase” in the form of an extensive research. Once the perspective on the topic, the visual-didactic strategy and the design approach has emerged, the graphic designer combines lines, forms, illustrations, collages and maps in such a way that the structure of things becomes evident. The final infographic aims at awakening the child in every reader, which with big eyes looks at a book full of butterflies. Elaborately produced with fold-out inner pages, an extraordinary bookbinding technique and six-colour print, “Papilionis” is a limited edition, hand-signed coffee-table book with a high-quality look and feel. Statement by the jury »The idea of this corporate book is to connect the function and working principle of information graphics with the life of a butterfly. The design manages to communicate the immense amount of information that is conveyed by the graphics in a very clear way. The information thus not only becomes highly tangible, but also represents the lightness and colourfulness of a butterfly.«

  • Client:
    KircherBurkhardt GmbH, Berlin
  • Design:
    KircherBurkhardt GmbH, Berlin
  • creative direction:
    Sebastian Eick
  • art direction:
    Christine Lang