Red Dot Design Award


PARADISE CITY | Red Dot Design Award

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Paradise City is one of the first integrated resorts in Northeast Asia, consisting of a five-star hotel, luxury boutique hotel, spa, club, family entertainment centre, shopping arcade and art gallery. Opened in April 2017 on Yeongjong Island, the resort presents a new concept of offering both art and entertainment, in addition to a com-fortable stay. A bilingual magazine aims to be a city guide for tourists. A wide range of historical topics is offered, as well as global art and pop culture trends. Design for the magazine plays a key role as a communicator that transcends translation. Powerful visuals on sub-jects, graphics stirring emotions and striking typography help to expand the reader’s understanding.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    PARADISE GROUP, Seoul, South Korea
  • Design:
    ahn graphics, Seoul, South Korea
  • Creative Direction:
    Shin Kyung-Yeong
  • Editorial Work:
    Lee Sang-Hyun Lee An-Na
  • Design Team:
    Nam Chan-Sei Yoo Min-Ki
  • Design Direction:
    PARADISE GROUP Brand Design Department
  • Project Management:
    PARADISE CITY Integrated Resort Marketing Team
PARADISE CITY | Red Dot Design Award