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Paris Gâteaux

Paris Gâteaux | Red Dot Design Award

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Paris Gâteaux is a takeaway bakery concept that aims to transform food and beverage shopping into a new lifestyle experience in Hanoi, Vietnam. An extensive line of food and beverages was created with a series of different packaging designs for the various editions, all based on the same visual identity to create a unified and distinguished look and feel. The packaging concept focuses on eco-friendliness. The boxes do completely without ink printing to avoid ink coming into contact with the food, and emphasis is placed on the folding and wrapping technique. The foldable packaging is kept in a flat, compact format for efficient transportation and space-saving storage in limited retail space, and it furthermore adds to the product’s quality appeal.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    cindymode, Taipei
  • Production:
    May Weng, Jan Hsieh