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pARTs | Red Dot Design Award

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This interactive fashion exhibition was inspired by the “zero waste” fashion brand PARTsPARTs. The brand uses a pattern design that generates no textile waste from production by using only a single material and production practice. The exhibition consists of six illuminating rooms that narrate the “zero-waste” parts design. Each room highlights the element of the design process, including the concept, material, patterns, layers, assembly and the final showroom. The rooms also create three-dimensional views with two-dimensional “PARTs”, allowing visitors to experience the unconventional perspective of the fashion exhibition.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Graphic Design:
    Rahui Kwon, SuperJelly Inc.
  • Design:
    SOAP, Seoul
  • Client:
    SODA (Space of Design and Architecture), Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi Province
  • Creative Direction:
    Soonyup Kwon, SOAP
  • Installation:
    Youngjun Park, Dawoom Ryu, SuperJelly Inc.
  • Exhibition Design:
    Jongvin Lee, SOAP
pARTs | Red Dot Design Award
pARTs | Red Dot Design Award
pARTs | Red Dot Design Award
pARTs | Red Dot Design Award