Corporate Design Relaunch

PATHOS München

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PATHOS Munich defines itself not only as a theatre, but as an interdisciplinary free space for acting, art, performance and clubbing. Accordingly, the new identity should maintain the old logo, while asserting a strong, eye-catching visual appearance. The basis of the graphic design is formed by the eleven basic emotions of Aristotle. Positioned in a raggedly decorative sans serif and imbued with a disturbing shifting effect, the terms for these emotions, such as courage, envy and anger, are combined in German with the English word “new”. The loud colourfulness of this original creation reinforces its ambition to cause a stir.

  • Client:
    PATHOS München, Munich
  • Design:
    FOON, Graz
  • Creative Supervising / Management:
    Christian Sturz
  • Creative Direction:
    Eva Horvath
  • Project Management Interactive:
    Björn Ortner