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Patō | Red Dot Design Award

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Patō is a unique percussion instrument that brings the sounds of the South Pacific into the modern digital environment. This new concept in drumming brings indigenous knowledge and performativity into a contemporary musical experience, allowing sampling and remixing for the digitally savvy muso who is looking for a Pasifika inflection.  Patō rejuvenates and modernises a traditional Polynesian wooden slit drum, the lali, from the Pacific Island nation of Tonga. This fascinating instrument was traditionally used to call villagers to communal activities and was fundamental in the generation of exotic rhythms for Tongan dancing; the latter feature was frequently sought by modern musicians and music facilitators.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    The School of Design, College of Creative Arts, Massey University, New Zealand
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Rodney Adank, Emma Fox Derwin, Lyn Garrett
  • Design:
    Rachael Hall
Patō | Red Dot Design Award