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PayPal Forward

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To create uniformity both in aesthetics and emotional appeal, this typeface was designed to express PayPal’s personality in its digital platforms, in the real world and in most Latin character-based languages. The new typeface is a modern geometric sans serif with a human touch. Inspired by Futura but designed from scratch, low-contrast stroke widths are balanced with round characteristics that portray approachability. PayPal Forward is a typeface designed for the future, strengthening the brand’s equities while increasing perceptions of trust, energy, youthfulness and innovation.

  • Client:
    PayPal, Inc.
  • Design:
    Yves Béhar + Fuseproject, San Francisco
  • Design:
    Monotype, New York
  • Creative Direction:
    Kristine Arth, Anthony DeCosta
  • Type Direction:
    Dan Rhatigan
  • Client Team:
    Christina Smedley, Julia Borghini, Persis Shroff, John Hellweg
  • Account Direction:
    Jade Dalton, Kei Koyama