Perfumers’ Compendium

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An international scent product catalogue was created for Symrise, one of the leading suppliers of scents and flavours. Highly specific details of 94 fragrance specialities are clearly structured over 266 pages and appropriately presented in a sophisticated design for the professional target group. Colouring, typography and images harmoniously complement each other. The link between inspiring layout components and an unusually high degree of clearly revised and relevant information for specialists makes it a sought-after reference book.

  • Client:
    Symrise AG, Holzminden
  • Design:
    Heine Warnecke Design GmbH, Hannover and Münsterland
  • Creative Direction:
    Dirk Heine
  • Graphic Design:
    Annika Sunder
  • Production / Image Editing:
    Wiebke Alm