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Permanent Daylight

Permanent Daylight | Red Dot Design Award

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Permanent Daylight is an art publication by Swedish artist Jonas Liveröd. Designed in a broadsheet format as a hybrid between a book, a newspaper and a magazine, it presents a selection of the artist’s works, mixed with inspirational materials, references, notes, anecdotes, interviews and other bits and pieces that form the structure of the “Liverödland”. Arranged in fragments, the layout reflects the versatility of the artist’s work and explores new narrative approaches. The publication is accom-panied by additional packaging and promotional material for the release event. The three elements are tied together across formats, by a distinct black line, framing the artwork and creating a visual calmness around the otherwise fragmented content. The punched diamond square ensures that the publication can be folded properly without fracturing the paper. Statement by the jury »The work Permanent Daylight stands out in particular by presenting one example of how magazines could be designed in future. With its vibrant solution, in terms of both form and content, for presenting the artist’s works, it defines a novel creative approach in the field of magazine design.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Jonas Liveröd, Malmö
  • Design:
    Re-public, Copenhagen
  • art direction/graphic design:
    Romeo Vidner
  • concept:
    Jonas Liveröd, Romeo Vidner
  • strategic planning:
    Morten Windelev
  • photography:
    Jenny Nordquist
Permanent Daylight | Red Dot Design Award
Permanent Daylight | Red Dot Design Award