Red Dot Design Award

Pete Philly – Open Loops

Pete Philly – Open Loops | Red Dot Design Award

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To provide fans of the musician Pete Philly with an unusual music experience and to in-crease the fan base of his new solo project, the musician’s website publishes a new song each week together with a video for a period of 14 weeks, spreading them through social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo, as well as via e-mail, YouTube, as download and as an iPhone app. The videos were recorded in super slow motion to create a high contrast to the predominantly fast beats. Featuring a reduced colour palette – set against a plain-coloured green-grey background against which the almost black shade of the musician is hardly recognisable – the videos create a self-contained yet fascinating aesthetic that stands out among comparable music videos in the industry. Clearly set apart through the use of the colour red, the website meets the demand for high interactivity in the form of a centre-placed circle that is reminiscent of a studio microphone and serves to spread information directly via “share”, “feedback” and “download” buttons. Statement by the jury »This website stands out through its multi-sensory design approach: images and sound are equally important as communication channels. Furthermore, it is an outstanding example of the ‘less is more’ principle. Its apparently plain presentation with a static foreground holds several sophisticated menu functions in store and plays with various effects as well as slow-motion clips showing the singer.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Pete Philly, Rotterdam
  • Design:
    Momkai, Amsterdam
  • creative direction:
    Harald Dunnink, Momkai
  • concept:
    Pete Philly, Harald Dunnink
  • graphic design:
    Harald Dunnink
  • photography:
    Daniel J. Ashes
  • programming:
    Christian de Wit, Eddy Koek, Rick van Mook, Roel Kok, Sebastian Kersten, Theun de Bruijn
Pete Philly – Open Loops | Red Dot Design Award
Pete Philly – Open Loops | Red Dot Design Award
Pete Philly – Open Loops | Red Dot Design Award
Pete Philly – Open Loops | Red Dot Design Award