Red Dot Design Award

Phangood Instant Royal Jelly

Phangood Instant Royal Jelly | Red Dot Design Award

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Honey and royal jelly products needs to be refrigerated during storage and transportation. Understanding the requirements of refrigerated transportation and storage, Phangood has created a new packaging that uses environmentally friendly cork to preserve the heat. To keep the products cool, the inner supportive package uses integrated cork material because of its natural insulating properties. To improve insulation properties, the packaging is double-layered, which also makes it easier to remove the solid royal jelly from the packaging. The cap design is resealable, making the container portable as well. The Phangood company is dedicated to researching, developing and producing honey and royal jelly products.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design Studio:
    LKK Brand Design Beijing Co.,Ltd. , China
  • Team Lead:
    Chen Bing
  • Design:
    Sheng Yunpeng