Red Dot Design Award
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Piquentum – Brazda Limited Edition

Piquentum – Brazda Limited Edition | Red Dot Design Award

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The preparations necessary to create the bottle labels for this Croatian wine edition, bottled in 2014, date back to 21.09.2012, the day of the grape harvest. In order to underline the authenticity, honesty and locality of this winemaker’s edition, 200 copies of the regional daily newspaper, printed on the day of the harvest, were collected and turned into creative bottle packaging. The original newspaper paper wraps the bottle tightly, while the reduced design of the label in black and white harmoniously complements and blends with the overall appearance.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Vinski podrum Buzet d.o.o., Buzet
  • Design:
    SONDA, Vižinada
  • Creative Direction:
    Jelena Fiškuš, Anselmo Tumpić, Sean Poropat
  • Art Direction:
    Jelena Fiškuš, Sean Poropat
  • Technical Direction:
    Irena Kotiga
  • Graphic Design/Production:
    Tina Erman, Jelena Fiškuš, Irena Kotiga, Martina Sirotić, Davorka Tumpić, Zvjezdana Vukić, Sean Poropat, Anselmo Tumpić, Aleksandar Živanov
  • Office Coordination/ Project Support:
    Irena Kotiga
Piquentum – Brazda Limited Edition | Red Dot Design Award