Red Dot Design Award
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PIXIE Mushroom Cookies

PIXIE Mushroom Cookies | Red Dot Design Award

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The pixie – a small, mischievous, forest-dwelling supernatural being – was chosen to portray this mushroom snack. The goal behind the packaging design was to promote a wholesome snack that helps build interpersonal relationships in everyday life when shared with friends. The visual design focuses on a fresh and original flavour, with a variety of illustrations of mushrooms. Made from environmentally friendly paper, the packaging looks inexpensive. The seamless packets are visually appealing and suitable for an assortment of foods in limited amounts and other small everyday objects and accessories.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Vanung University, Zhongli City, Taoyuan County
  • Design:
    Ming-Yu Chen, Vanung University, Zhongli City, Taoyuan County
  • Creative Direction:
    Mei-Ru Chen, Ching-Fen Hsu, Chu-Hsuan Tien