PlanBA – Berufliche Orientierung für Designstudierende

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PlanBA was written for young design students in an attempt to answer many questions regarding the designer’s everyday life. The book offers a broad spectrum of contents and information – from choosing a university and educational system to insights into the job market and subsequent employment at an agency or working freelance, including hints on salary and charges – and is complemented by photographically staged statistics. Thus, the annual turnover that big German cities generate through the advertising, public relations and communication industries, for instance, is visualised as hamburgers: Düsseldorf holds top position and has grown to a size that is too large to eat, while Stuttgart, in last place, has to be satisfied with a dry hamburger roll. The guide does entirely without generic figures and instead presents each statistic or survey with suggestive illustrations. Important content in text and pictures is highlighted in white, while each chapter is clearly distinguished through a different pastel colour. Statement by the jury »This book is convincing for several reasons: its design is not only the result of very high-quality, clear craftsmanship with a love for details, but also stages the versatile and informative content in a highly imaginative and easy-to-understand manner.«

  • Client:
    Fachhochschule Bielefeld / University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld supervising professor Prof. Dirk Fütterer
  • Design:
    Sonja Wegner, Berlin
  • photography:
    Sonja Wegner, Sebastian Arlt