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Planto | Red Dot Design Award

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Planto helps with nourishing and cultivating indoor plants. It is loaded with an RFID system, a solar power system and other detective systems that monitor and report on the temperature, humidity and further vital information required for plants. The device calculates the perfect requirements for each plant so that it is easy for users not only to always provide ideal conditions for their plants but also to get information quickly about irregularities and problems that may occur during the plants’ growth. Furthermore, the device also connects with a smartphone application that also notifies users of possible problems and provides solutions at the same time. Planto is designed with a reduced appearance allowing intuitive user navigation. The app’s symbols for temperature, humidity and sunlight feature at the bottom of the screen and, when touched, illustrate the corresponding information in an immediately comprehensible manner. Statement by the jury »The Planto system offers a unique possibility of providing plants with the best possible conditions at all times and users can be notified immediately, for example when the plants need water. Via a detective device, which is simply placed inside the pot, the plant “communicates” directly via the device or the app, informing users about its current status. The charming and simple design makes the application easy to use and self-explanatory.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Hanyang University, Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province
  • Design:
    Sol-E Lee, Heeyeon Jung, Hanyang University, Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province