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Playfield | Red Dot Design Award

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The main stage of the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg underwent major renovation work, so a raised platform visible from all sides was built into the middle of the auditorium. This construction served as a temporary stage and, on account of its bare appearance with not even a curtain, forced the actors to concentrate on what really matters: their art. In order to make precisely this ancient form of theatre attractive to an audience that is used to visual feasts, the “Playfield” logo, reflecting the age-old stage planks the actors perform on, was created to straddle the full range of advertising materials as a design feature. Thus, the stage itself in its wooden structure was to act as a composite mark on its own and drew attention to the changed setting throughout the season. Together with a minimalist illustration style encapsulating the essence of each piece, a large range of posters and advertising motifs was designed to pique curiosity, surprise and encourage people to visit the theatre performances.

Statement by the Jury

Great about this ad campaign is that the name of the stage itself was used and turned into a highly recognisable logo. Using a woodgrain effect as the basis of the design is outstanding, as the stage was meant to be only temporary. In contrast to this stand the colourful bold motifs used to symbolise the very nature of each play and complement the content of all promotional materials, turning them into real eye-catchers.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg
  • Design:
    thjnk ag, Hamburg
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Armin Jochum
  • Creative Direction:
    Patricia Wetzel, Patricia Pätzold
  • Art Direction:
    Juliane Lange
  • Illustration:
    Aad Goudappel, Rotterdam
Playfield | Red Dot Design Award
Playfield | Red Dot Design Award