Brand Identity

POKOLENIE – School of Your Time

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With the help of this brand identity, the Russian private school Pokolenie aims to communicate its methods, values and progressive approach more clearly and effectively. Based on the simple shapes of circles, squares and triangles, the design is intended as a realisation of the idea that these geometric shapes are building blocks, like in a child’s toy set, serving to model and explain real life’s most complex phenomena to students anywhere. Each element can be reassembled into icons, patterns, images and stories for insertion into a classroom or a book.

  • Art Direction:
    Igor Cherkesov
  • Client:
    Pokolenie School, Volgograd, Russia
  • Design:
    TutkovBudkov, Volgograd, Russia
  • Creative Direction:
    Dmitry Tutkov
  • Text:
    Elena Shilyaeva, Maria Makarcheva