Red Dot Design Award
Cosmetics Packaging

Pola B.A Grandluxe 2

Pola B.A Grandluxe 2 | Red Dot Design Award

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This flacon for a cosmetic serum from Japan aims to visualise the essential radiance of well-groomed skin. Thanks to precision grinding, the artful surface design of the bottle creates reflections and visual effects to give the impression of undulating light. The deep black box achieves a maximum contrast to the colourful, intensive sparkling effect of the bottle, for greater surprise when unpacking. This packaging design expresses the premium quality of the skin-care product with a creative sense of aesthetics.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Pola Inc., Tokyo
  • Design:
    Pola Inc., Tokyo
  • Creative Direction:
    Chiharu Suzuki
  • Art Direction:
    Haruyo Eto
  • Design Team:
    Kentaro Ito, Rumie Ito